Who are we + 2018 memorial day
Tessa and Joost, parents of Amy about ima afscheidszorg
Steffie and Tom, parents of Loek about ima afscheidszorg
Welcoming Roman and saying goodbye
Who are we + 2017 memorial day
Welcoming Mees and saying goodbye

Choosing Thomas: if during the pregnancy, you are told that your baby will die during or just after birth, you are at a complete loss. The parents of Thomas (USA) decide to complete the pregnancy and record the five days that Thomas clings to life in a heartbreaking and loving way.

Movements matter: when pregnant, it is important that you keep monitoring the movements of your baby. Not only in terms of how often your baby moves, but also when, how long for and how intense those movements are. During the course of the pregnancy, babies adopt a sleep-wake rhythm and it is recommended to seek advice if the baby starts deviating from this routine.